MINUTES OF EYAM SPORTS ASSOCIATION MEETING THURSDAY 26/09/19 Present: Stafford Rowland, Paul Humphries, Judith Hancock, Freddie Campbell-Bans, Diana Cameron, Marjorie Davies, David Lomas, Peter Jackson, Matthew Killingley, Adrian Webster, Aaron Pritzlaff, Laura Hayfield APOLOGIES:
Paul Humphries DECLARATION OF PERSONAL INTEREST Aaron Pritzlaff: Eyam Half marathon MINUTES OF LAST MEETING APPROVED AS AN ACCURATE RECORD Proposed: Peter Jackson Seconded: Judith Hancock MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES MUGA LIGHTING BOX Adrian Webster will be repairing the box.

PLAY AREA Diana presented her report. ( report attached) Logs had been broken up and scattered all over the MUGA. Stafford, Peter and Adrian had cleared up. The new panels had arrived for the play area and needed storing in the Pavillion. The cost was £1884.60. Stafford questioned the cost and would meet up with Diana on Saturday at 10.00 am

Peter Jackson presented a report re: Football pitch, cricket pitch and MUGA. (report attached). The old cricket pitch roller needs to be removed since it is a potential hazard. Tony Hill to be approached to remove roller for scrap. Tennis club; The original offer stands of £10.00 per month per family.

AGENDA ITEMS Fell race Matthew Killingley and Laura Hayfield presented a report re: The Eyam fell race. A great success with funds raised of £1662.84. (report attached). WAKES WEEK REPORT Judith gave a verbal report regarding the carnival and associated activities. The carnival had been good. The clay pigeon shoot went well and was an improvement on last year. The box collection was good and in line with previous years. There had been an issue with the bars which would be resolved next year. Pavilion The current plans had been approved but there was a request for the building to have an eco-friendly design with use of natural stone, slate roof and timber panels. This would be cost dependant.

BONFIRE. A contract to be drawn up by Diana Cameron. The site would be cleared within two weeks and barriers would be placed around the smouldering embers. Any ruts would be put right and all rubbish debris to be removed by skips within 2 weeks of the event.

FLYER TO SCHOOL GROUPS A request was recieved from the museum that they wanted the flyer amending and were not happy with the current format. It was agreed to change the flyer as per their recommendation. We await their ammendments.

MEMORIAL BENCH ARCHIE HARKWRIGHT It was agreed to site a bench in the play area in memory of Archie Harkwright

PATHWAYS The person that had purchased the land behind Glebe estate had requested a footpath closure which would block access to the land from the estate. It also had an effect on the footpath that ran along the side of the football pitch. Diana Cameron had written to DDC and it was discovered that the footpaths were not registered with DDC.

GARAGE CLEARANCE This needed to be organised and skips booked with a set date.

FINANCE The accounts drawn up by Paul Humphries were circulated. A.O.B

  1. Aaron Pritzlaff was continuing his work with looking into the upgrading of the ESA website. 2 .Coffee morning Saturday the 9th of November.
  2. Coaches for kids: To be discussed at a further meeting.